384. Patriot

Enjoyed this character’s turn in the original Young Avengers run, but I’m not sure what happened to him afterward.

Speaking of America, I watched American Hustle. Some really good acting couldn’t save this movie from desperately wishing it was a Martin Scorsese film, and in the process forgetting that the unlikeable characters and convoluted plot were turning it into a dull turd.


  1. jason

    There shoulda been more Louis C.K. (in American Hustle not in the… wait a minute… a young Louis C.K. in the Young Avengers might be pretty awesome)!

    So yeah, as far as DC/Marvel crossovers go that movie was kind of lame. Bruce Wayne never put on the costume and Mystique didn’t even use her powers once!

  2. Eric

    Louis CK was the only thing I enjoyed about A.H. And yes, he’d have been great in Young Avengers, too.

    Yeah, there should have been more Batman/Mystique action, but you can’t discount when Hawkeye and Rocket Raccoon teamed up, followed around by Lois Lane.

  3. Joe G.

    I think Patriot may have died? Something possessing his costume appeared in Gillen/McKelvie’s Young Avengers, but I don’t know what the whole story was with that.

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