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A stretch…

10/16 Kinda pushin’ it with this one. He COULD be scary. He just isn’t. Gotta do some catch-up drawing tonight. Thank god I finally have money so I can eat dinner on my own.

I’ve got something to say…

You should retire today You’re a joke and ruining a legacy, and it’s gone to your head. Too much horror business At this late in life 1978 That’s when you should have stopped And you don’t go to the bathroom on stage and on and on. Give it up for Jerry Atric and the All-Star …

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Frankenstein’s Monster

10/14 Frankenstein’s Monster was always one of my favorite classic creatures. I don’t know why, exactly, but it always appealed to me. I read the novel when I was in 3rd Grade. I was obsessed. I’ll probably come back around to him before the month is up. Recording Gutter Trash tonight. Having dinner with my …

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10/13 Not much to say. Tired. Hungry. Much like angry mummy.

Scary Monsters

10/12 Whooooo…. Nothing’s quite as frightening, however, as watching my drunk 47 year old, married brother try to pick up an 18 year old waitress at a sports bar. It was a special day. Back to Lego Batman with me… er… I mean, reading a book.


10/11 Gotta get this one done early, or it won’t get done today. I drew this one a while ago. Kind of experimental. I had just bought a big-ass funky marker, and just wanted to do something huge, crazy and sloppy with it. This was the result. Just woke up. Nothing new to gripe about.


10/10 A little late, was having dinner with my parents. Anyhoo. Unless their name is Dracula, and they’re played by Gary Oldman or Bela Lugosi, attractive charming vampires can blow it out their ass. I love vampires as freakish, dirty, messy, sloppy motherfuckers who are, y’know, actually frightening. As much as I hate Steve Niles’ …

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Jason Vorhees

10/09 Another “reimagining”. Though, as I’ve said, I’ve never seen a Friday the 13th movie, I always imagined Jason as a giant retarded mutant baby. With a machete. So I drew him that way (hence the unmasked head shot). Watched I, Madman last night. Not a very good movie, but I kept thinking that I …

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Freddy Krueger

10/08 A “reimagining” of Nightmare on Elm Street monster, Freddy Krueger. I watched the first NoES when I was about 5 years old, with my mom, while eating dinner. It was awesome. Freddy sorta became my favorite franchise guy – fitting as I’ve never seen a Halloween movie (I actually did see Halloween III: Season …

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Zombie Invincible

10/07 A mix of hero and horror, the unofficial Walking Dead/Invincible crossover I’ve been wanting for years. I figger since I’ll be posting here everyday, and I’ve stopped posting on Newsarama, I’ll vent about whatever while I post art. …um… Got nothing to say. There may be a new episode of Gutter Trash up tonight. …

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