January 2012 archive

355 – Uncle Creepy playing the violin as Cousin Eerie dances with Vampirella

What the title says. Request fulfillment for Jeff Potter.

354 – Jack of Hearts

I’d been sitting on this one for a while, as I wanted to color it up all fancy-like, but I could never get around to it, and I’ve grown to dislike the drawing immensely. I may give the character another go in the future. Anyhoo, he’s yet another awesomely weird/obscure Marvel character from the 70s/80s, …

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353 – The Eric Shonborn Year End of the Year Award for 2011

So in 2011, I began – unbeknownst to anyone, including me – to consider nominations for the 1st ever Eric Shonborn Year End of the Year Award. A lot of people were considered, but there could only be one winner: JB Sapienza! JB is a renaissance man with many talents and ventures, including co-running the …

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352 – Axe Cop

This is a request fulfillment for Jason Young, who reviewed the first AXE COP trade paperback with me on Gutter Trash, and in the process, discovered the greatest comic book that has ever existed.

351 – Madman

Almost as much as I love Hellboy, I also love Mike Allred’s MADMAN, though he is a subject I have drawn in the past

350 – Hellboy

I don’t have the proper words to express how much I love Hellboy and everything related to it (Mignola, Fegredo, Davis, etc.)

349 – Batgirl

This may be the worst thing I’ve drawn since I started.

348 – Moon Knight

Kurt didn’t have to request Moon Knight. I was gonna draw him before the year was up at some point, this just finally gave me a good excuse to do it. I’m a big Moon Knight fan, though I haven’t really warmed to his current series. I really liked the previous volume that was seemingly …

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347 – Orion

When Kurt asked for Orion of the New Gods, I almost wanted to point out that I’ve already got an Orion drawing on the blog. But, since I didn’t actually draw that one (it’s a Kirby sketch that I “inked” and colored), I decided not to. Plus, I could get to draw the Astro Harness. …

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346 – Raza

I know this character from The Starjammers, a group of Space Pirates who are supporting characters in the X-Men books, designed by the genius of Dave Cockrum, and as a whole vastly underrated and underused characters. That said, I don’t know a lot about this specific character, other than that he had a ponytail and …

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