September 2013 archive


231. Grumpy Cat’hulu

So when we left yesterday, I told a story about a couple of cute cats, and followed that up with a story about a zombified drawing of an adorable cat named Li’l Bub. The girl who bought that drawing from me returned to my table shortly afterward. She decided that she wanted to get a …

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230. Li’l Bub

A long time ago, my girlfriend and I were sitting down to have dinner. At the time I worked ’til midnight most nights and wouldn’t get home until 12:30 or so. I had picked up something and we were gonna settle into a night of food and video games and whatever else. One of her …

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Another commissioned sketch from HorrorHound Weekend. This one was repeat business. Last HorrorHound, I had done a Jack Skellington sketch for this kid. This time, he wanted me to draw him as the zombie he was cosplaying as. More than happy to oblige.


HorrorHound Weekend commission?! Wha?! Someone paid for this. Actually 4 someones, and when I say that I mean 4 women ranging in age from 50ish to 70ish got together and wanted me to turn a photo of their friend into a zombie drawing. In the original photo, she was holding an apple, not a brain. …

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New Theme Month!

October 2013! Halloween is in the air and people like to dress up. In the spirit of the coming holiday, I’ve decided on my new theme. Superhero costume redesigns. I’ve got some in mind, but I’d like some suggestions. I’ve 31 days of superheroes to redesign and I’m a dumb, forgetful guy. So if you’ve …

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227. Slimer

HorrorHound sketch request

226. Hobo with a Shotgun

I’m terrible at likenesses. So this is “A” hobo with a shotgun. HorrorHound sketch request.

225. Colossus of New York

HorrorHound sketch request.