September 2013 archive

224. Samara

So, this wasn’t a request for HorrorHound, but this was a request for HorrorHound. I put out the call for sketch requests when I wasn’t doing anything or selling anything, and someone wanted the ghost girl from the movie The Grudge. And so I drew this, because I thought she meant The Ring. Basically the …

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223. Freddy Krueger

HorrorHound Weekend sketch request

222. Chucky

HorrorHound sketch request

221. Living Dead Girl

Request from a friend while at HorrorHound. It’s a gruesified version of Sheri Moon-Zombie from Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl video.

220. Grandpa Munster

It’s my pal Matt Brassfield’s birthday. He asked me to draw this while at HorrorHound.

219. In the Mouth of Madness

First sketch of the day for Day 2 of HorrorHound Indianapolis. Things are going as expected. I took some requests from Facebook friends, and Sam Neill was one of those. I know him from a ton of movies but In the Mouth of Madness has always stuck with me.

218. Cubs Fan Nosferatu

I am at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis. Expect a bunch of dumb shit.