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515. Derek Hale

Kathleen Coyle Week rolls on with this sketch of Derek Hale from the television progrimm Teen Wolf. The second episode of season four airs tonight. I used to have conflicting emotions about this show, but now, fuck all that. I love it, it’s great. It’s godawful, but it’s great. Anyhoo, Derek is the prettiest pretty …

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514. The Count

I haven’t done this in a while – a week of requests dictated by one of my friends. So, here we begin Kathleen Coyle Week! First up on Kat’s wishlist: Count Von Count!

513. Green Arrow

I finally caught up on Arrow this morning as I was drawing, so hence today’s sketch and why I included Arrow’s most famous catchphrase even though this doodle is of the golden age era G.A. Ooh, also last night, I watched the Spike Lee remake of Oldboy and now I am no longer friends with …

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511. Bat-Man

I figured since I’ve been drawing a fair amount of Superman villains lately, I should definitely include his biggest arch-nemesis, Bat-Man. Apparently, the Bat-Fella is also celebrating a 75th anniversary. Even if you’re a comic fan, I’d excuse you not noticing. DC Comics and Warner Brothers have kept the celebration pretty low-key. What do you …

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510. Hank Henshaw

I kinda loved drawing this and didn’t want to stop.

509. The Punisher

I debated whether or not I should draw Frank in his classic spandex costume or go for the “realistic” skull shirt/armor look. But honestly, I’m getting tired of the whole “realistic” super-character thing. It works in moderation, but when it comes down to it, body armor, seams, collars and loose clothing don’t make a comic …

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508. Lex Luthor


506. Frederick J. Krueger

Over the past couple of days, I have watched the 4-hour Never Sleep Again – a documentary about all things Nightmare on Elm Street (except the remake). It was pretty good. Enjoyable, funny, and somewhat informative. NoES, and Freddy has always been my favorite horror franchise. A delusional me who has filmaking aspirations would love …

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