April 2016 archive

446. Juggernaut


444. The Blob

443. Mister Sinister

442. Blue Beetle: The Day After

Yesterday, I attended the Queen City Comic Con with my friend Bruce Hughes. He usually has quite a few folks talk to him outside of the usual con-goers he ropes into conversation. One such fellow happened to be putting together a themed sketchbook. I love a themed sketchbook. My buddy Joe G. has a Flash …

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441. Nine and Rose

Spent the day at Queen City Comic Con. Did this sketch for a young Doctor Who fan.


The sad monster returns. It’s been an incredibly rough day.

Horror Movie A Day: The Book

It’s been available as pixels and now it’s available as pulped wood and elf’s blood (which is from what ink is made)! It’s Horror Movie a Day: The Book! I’ve been an avid reader/fan of the HMAD blog for years, and via the magic of the internet, it turns out my online pal JB Sapienza …

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439. Magneto

If there’s ever a case of me seeing EVERY SINGLE flaw and error in a drawing, it’s here. Jesus, what a clusterfuck this was. *** Eddie on eBay. Bid.

438. Professor X

I might start doing X-Men villain portrait sketches (much like the Bat & Spider Villains I tackled last year). Might as well start with the greatest, most vile, evil X-Men villain of them all.