April 2016 archive


Hey. Eddie’s on eBay. Bid?

Sad Monster

Coming soon, I will have this short-run, 16 page sketchbook available for sale, with a color cover and gray-toned interiors. More details coming, including pricing and availability.

436. The Goon

Just thought, hey, I’ll do a quick doodle of The Goon. Three hours later… *** Iron Maiden’s Eddie. eBay. Go.

435. The Creeper

434. Guy Gardner

Special just for Stephen Alexander only.

433. Spider-Man

Much like yesterday’s, I’m a big fan of this one too. *** My Iron Maiden/Eddie illustration is up on the eBay! Go git.

432. Daredevil

I can’t explain to you how much I like this drawing or why. I just do. A lot.


430. Guy Gardner: Warrior

Using absolutely no reference as for what his costume looked like back in the day, I decided to draw the yellow ring-slingin’ Guy. Which maybe would have helped had I colored this. Next time!

429. Lin Sae Woo

Spent most of the weekend at the Gem City Comic Con. Did some drawing there, including two paid sketches. I did not get a pic of the first sketch (The Riddler), but I did manage to remember to get one of this. A guy was beginning a “Chew” sketchbook. There was a Tony, a Poyo, …

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