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842a. Crotchshot

On today’s milestone 350th episode of Gutter Trash, we review Fred Van Lente & Ryan Dunlavey’s THE COMIC BOOK HISTORY OF COMICS. It’s incredibly informative, educational, and entertaining. And, Van Lente & Dunlavey create the single greatest comic character within the pages of CBHoC. So great, that my pal and Gutter Trash co-host Jason Young …

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Defenders of the Planets

So now that it’s official, I can show this off. This is the variant cover to Defenders of the Planets #1, coming soon and available only at Mavericks Cards and Comics, from my friends Matt Brassfield & Jason Young at SPARKLE COMICS. Check out the regular cover by series artist Jason Young while you’re clicking …

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643. Dr. Druid

I saw Doctor Strange last night. It was good, not great. Just a slight bump up over perfectly average. The sequel set-up has a lot of potential to be really good. Mads Mikelsen is wasted as the villain. Rachel McAdams is almost as wasted here as she was in TRUE DETECTIVE. Blufferbone Coupieschifdt’s American accent …

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620. The Cryptkeeper

Bit of a cheat, you might say? Fuck off, I might say. My blog, my choice. The entire month, I will be selling these sketch cards individually for 5 bucks, or as a theme set (7 cards total) for 25. If you want one, let me know, asap via email or other means. At the …

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Rejected By Covered

I’ve been Rejected again. Check out my new cover recreation here, of Daredevil (vol. 1) #23.

359. Iron & Ink

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and former creative partner Bruce O. Hughes asked if I could draw a pin-up for the final issue of his comic Iron & Ink. Bruce will be debuting this last issue at the 2016 Independent Creators Expo on February 20th. You can also purchase it and his other …

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Holy F*ck #3: On sale this week!

Back in December I mentioned Nick Marino & Daniel Arruda Massa’s Holy F*ck. Sure, you can buy the entire series right now on Comixology. In fact you should. However, you should also buy a physical copy of every issue, and the soon to be released trade paperback (and get ready for the sequel – Holy …

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Holy F*ck

Hi! I’ve mentioned Nick Marino & Daniel Arruda Massa’s Holy F*ck comic before. Issue one is due on the stands within the next few weeks at your finer local comic shops. If for some reason you can’t get out to your LCS, Comixology has Issue # 1 and Issue # 2 available right now. I …

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146. Blue Beetle

Last night, I worked a shift at my local comic shop. Sorta. I used to work there, about 12 years ago. I used to shop there until about a year ago. I still maintain a pull list there. It contains two Strangers in Paradise trades and the Captain Nemo/League of Extraordinary Gentleman spinoff graphic novel. …

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Just want to give a thanks to Jason Young and Jim Purcell for their response to the triple digit comics inquisition from yesterday. Also to Keith Callbeck, Dragon Fan Blog & Erik Larsen himself over on Twitter for throwing out some titles that hadn’t been mentioned here, like Witchblade, The Darkness and Usagi Yojimbo. It …

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