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The girl of my dreams. She pops up frequently in my brain and begs me to tell her story. I usually quiet her down, but she came back today, roaring. It made me want to at least write the script, as I’ll likely never draw a full comic. But maybe I could find an artist …

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I wrote a suicide note last night. Posted it on Facebook and then deleted it. I’m probably not going to kill myself, but everyday, I think about it. I’m in a very bad place. I’m trying to seek help. It’s hard, though. I debated whether I should repost it here. It’s dark, and painful. But …

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131. Doctor Fate

More phone paint experimenting. I’ve always been fond of Dr. Fate. Fate and Firestorm were the only two Super Powers action figures I ever owned. I’m guessing that’s where it comes from. I do like magic guys named Doctor Something, though, so, y’know, that too. I remember being at the Hara Arena for a Super …

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112. Furiosa

30-some years ago, I saw MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME on VHS. I don’t really remember it, other than Master Blaster and Tina Turner. It’s the only MAD MAX movie I’ve seen. So, when MAD MAX FURY ROAD was announced, I really coulda cared less. I wasn’t gonna see it. And Charlize Theron? Not a fan. …

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