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Never been one to channel my emotions into my art. With my current state of mind its hard not to, but at the same time, it’s not enough. The recurring theme of “sad monster” seems to be apt though. It will get better, but right now, I am lost in the void, and it seems …

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The face I now wear.


087. Doctor Strange


Some days you get sad. Some days you want to put a bullet through your own brain. Guess which today is?

083. Da Red Evil

Another of my first doodles on the phone app. Just funnin’ around. Somewhere exists an image of this where my girlfriend took the line art and added lobster claws. Speaking of, man, I kinda love the Daredevil Netflix show. Hopefully, I can watch the final two episodes this weekend.

082. Superman

My first digital sketch in Art Rage.


About a month ago, just before I got sick (still a little sick, but at least my voice came back eventually), I got a fancy new phone, a Galaxy Note. My girlfriend has one, and I was jealous. Mostly because my old phone was a useless piece of shit. I could barely send a text …

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Heroes for Hire

Happy 2010: The Year We Make Contact. Been a few, but the business of the holidays will die down, and I’ll be able to get back on track with blogart finally. We’ve got Iron Fist and Luke Cage here, two characters I’ve been attempting to draw for a few years – unsuccessfully. This is as …

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