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7. Frankenstein’s Monster

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1368. The Bride of Frankenstein

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1096. The Monster from Hell

Oddly, the Hammer horror films are a blind spot in my fandom, but I have seen this movie, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell. It’s pretty great. Brassfield Week, Final Day: David Prowse’s best role. Thanks for supporting Matt Brassfield’s week! Tomorrow begins an entire theme month. Stay tuned! *** I’m still here. *** My …

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989. The Monster

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972. Frankenstein’s Monster

I usually do a theme for October/Inktober, but I’m gonna be honest guys, Kirby Month immediately following months of sketch cards kind wiped me out. So, there’s not gonna be any real theme this year. Sorry. But I’ll probably draw more than a couple monsters. So there’s that. Incidentally, throughout the month of October, if …

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848. Frankenstein’s Monster

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271. Hulkenstein

Shiloh – Horror/Hero Mashup Week continues. I have iffy feelings about the Hulk, but I do kinda love drawing him sometimes. For Hulkenstein, I just thought about Hulk with stitches and electrodes, but whenever I’ve drawn The Frankenstein Monster, I usually like to make him a lot more patchwork quiltified than he’s usually shown. So, …

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629. Hunter S. Thompson

Frankenstein’s Monster as Dr. Hunter S. Thompson/Raoul Duke. Back when I used to read, I devoured quite a few of his books, some given away to old friends and lost forever. Sometimes I wish I had more time to read book books. Hell, I’d settle for the time to be able to read a magazine …

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