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747. The World Was Wide Enough

So. My friend Joe G.’s birthday was yesterday. I coerced our friend Jason Young into a quick collabo to give to Joe as a birthday gift. Joe and his wife are big fans of the musical Hamilton, and Jason and I thought it’d be an interesting experiment to draw something other than The Flash, Kid …

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So I tried to start an art experiment of sorts. I asked folks on Facebook to provide a random scribble and I would then turn it into something. No one responded because I don’t have any friends and you’re all assholes anyway. Except for Joe G. Joe G. is my friend and not an asshole. …

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613. Starman

Suggested by Joe Grunenwald, Jack Knight as Ted Knight- Modern Day Starman cosplaying as his father, the Golden Age Starman.

312. The Blob

A rare bit of comic work. Written by Joe Grunenwald.

309. The Trickster

So I’ve been trying to keep this a secret, but I should just go ahead and announce that we are in the middle of “Flash Rogues Week” in honor of The Flash returning to television this week… Nah, I’ve been doing it because I know my friend Joe G. would get a kick out of …

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275. The Avengers

On Halloween, my friend Joe G. posted a picture of himself dressed up as The Avengers. For some reason, I really wanted to draw that concept, without all the Joe G. parts. He’s a nice man, but no thank you. I made some changes and added a Nick Fury eyepatch because Joe G. doesn’t think. …

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196. Jaunty Flash

So, I’m not sure that I have mentioned this anywhere, but last night I was interviewed on the radio. It was a great, fun, super-cool experience and I’m glad I finally got a chance to have a sorta for realsie conversation with Juliet Fromholt for once, even if it was all about me (especially since …

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Creator Owned Day: Astro-Toddler

So today, apparently is “Creator Owned Day”. Basically, create a concept or character, post it on your blog, link to it via Twitter, hash-tag it #CreatorOwnedDay. This is where I read about it. Seems simple, seems easy. I’ve been making up characters since the early 90s. I had a very hard time under the gun. …

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323 – Miracleman

I know that he’s actually called “Marvelman”, but as long as I have been reading comics, to me, he’s always been Miracleman. Until Marvel finally gets their shit together and starts reprinting the classic Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman runs, it will continue to be Miracleman. That said, c’mon Marvel, what the fuck are you …

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322 – The Wonder Twins

So as I was drawing The Wonder Twins, I began to wonder something: Did John Byrne rip them off to create Aurora and Northstar from Alpha Flight? Both sets are twins who powers only “activate” when they touch hands; both are from strange lands (alien planet & Quebec); both males are homosexual; both have pointy …

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