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1192. Xorn

Grant Morrison created Xorn – a zen master Chinese mutant with a star for a brain, and it was good. He eventually revealed that Xorn was Magneto in disguise, and people flipped their shit. But me, I loved it and will still defend it. To me, Morrison was riding the wave of X-Men as a …

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Magneto Cyclops Marvel Girl *** As much as I grew up an X-Men fanatic, there’s always been a weird disconnect between my brain and associating the X-Men with Kirby. Of all his concepts and ideas, for some reason to me, the X-Men just seem… un-Kirby-like. The costumes, the powers, the basic concept… I dunno. Anyhoozle, …

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439. Magneto

If there’s ever a case of me seeing EVERY SINGLE flaw and error in a drawing, it’s here. Jesus, what a clusterfuck this was. *** Eddie on eBay. Bid.


Wanted to try a more traditional pen and ink illustrative style, with shadows and highlights, midtones, etc. Took a long time, especially for an impatient spastic like me. I did a lot of this while watching “The Departed”. Good film. Don’t know why it took so long to watch it. I even really liked Leonardo …

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