Tag: Sketch

132 – Wolverine

One more.

131- Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was one of my favorite X-Men when I started reading that comic, and he’s one of the coolest looking. Every attempt to change his costume has been dumb. But now he’s dead, so oh well. Spoiler.

130 – Colossus

Did some X-Men on post-its. Fuck you.

129 – A Cat

I had to do a lot of find/replaces at work. So I tried to draw a kitty. ‘cuz I’m an old woman.

128 – Batman in Culottes

Over on Twitter, comic writer Gail Simone started a meme, drawings of Batman wearing Culottes. I thought, hey, I like Batman, I like making fun of Batman, and I draw. I also do a drawing a day, for which I have nothing yet for today. 10 minutes during lunch, and ta-daa.

127 – Armor Guy

126 – Suave Mask

124 – A.I.M. Goon

Nothing makes a good story like a nameless/faceless goon and nothing makes a good nameless/faceless goon like a ridiculous uniform. What makes an Advanced Ideas Mechanic (A.I.M.) goon better than the rest is that the goons are all scientists. With guns. And ridiculous uniforms. This was fun to draw.

123 – Martian Manhunter

This deserves a better drawing in the future, out of respect, and since he apparently will not be part of “The Big 7” in the New DC.

122 – This guy

I have a feeling this person really exists somewhere. And he is a character actor.