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565. Omega Woman

Another pastiche. Megan O’Malley was a physicist whose team accidentally opened a wormhole. She got sucked through and wound up sometime in the 43rd century. This distopian world was divided and run by either governments or corporations. A government body found the disoriented Megan and realized she was an anomaly of some sort. With no …

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283. Nexus

The only comic I’ve ever read with the Steve Rude/Mike Baron Nexus character was the Nexus Meets Madman crossover. I still don’t know much about him other than he is cool looking. I went to see Thor: The Dark World. I enjoyed it. I am saving more in depth thoughts about it and Gravity for …

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280. Sleepwalker

Drawn for a chance to win the entire run of Sleepwalker comics from Nick Marino and his Audioshocker Podcasting Empire. Seriously, you only think I have a lot of podcasts. Check them out and wish me luck.

273. Dracula

Happy Halloween! About 4 or 5 years ago, when I still had a local comic shop that I tolerated shopping at, I walked in one Saturday after they had just purchased a collection. They were sorting through the books, and I was being particularly nosey. I was flipping through a stack and saw a small …

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271. Brother Voodoo

I don’t know a thing about Brother Voodoo. I do know that he ousted Dr. Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme once, and then called himself Doctor Voodoo. And it upset me. Just because he’s the Sorcerer Supreme didn’t mean he got a doctorate! Dr. Strange is Dr. Strange because he’s a fucking doctor! And then …

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270. Blue Beetle

The Ted Kord Blue Beetle is one of my all-time favorite comic book characters. I like him for a variety of different reasons. He’s basically light-hearted Batman. He’s got all the skills, the gadgets and the money without all the brooding, mopey tragic bullshit (FYI, A well-adjusted Batman is my favorite Batman. Give me Brave …

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267. Shadowhawk

1992 was a crazy year for comics. The founders of Image Comics changed the entire medium and joined together to break away from their corporate gigs – all of them the biggest names working in comics and Jim Valentino. When the big news came out – Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, Marc …

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265. Deadman

I “get” the original look for Deadman. Boston Brand was a circus acrobat, so it sorta looks like that, crossed with a superhero costume. And a large “D” on his belly. For some reason. So going off that, I tried to base Deadman’s look on some Cirque Du Soliel-type outfits and makeup. Also, I wanted …

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264. The Atom

Unlike some other silver age characters that were eventually replaced with modern counterparts (Barry Allen, Hal Jordan), I have nothing against the Ray Palmer Atom. In fact, I’d almost say that I’m a fan. Unfortunately, this all stems from the only Ray Palmer Atom series I’ve really read, The Sword of The Atom, which saw …

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263. Jesse Quick

I pencilled this while drunk, inked it sober and colored it angry. A gamut of emotion. Jesse Quick has had a crapton of costumes, none really fantastic. It’s hard to be a speedster character, particularly in the Flash family and have a unique look. Unfortunately, I don’t know that I did any real great shakes …

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