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1041. Ravager

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349. Sandman

I love the crazy Kirby design and kinda wish it would’ve taken. I’m also gonna add this to my ever-growing, sometimes changing and oft-forgotten Do-Over list.

272. Omega Red

I don’t think I ever read any comics where Omega Red was a major character after his debut. Well, there were a couple issues of Ultimate Spider-Man where Ultimate Omega Red showed up. So anyhoo, he’s a pretty generic guy. But holy shit, when I was 12/13 when he debuted, I was into it. I …

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269. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, to me, has always been an incredibly sweet, if not absolutely psychopathic character. She’s awesome and it seems like a hugely popular cartoon and award-winning graphic novel (Mad Love) would set the standard for how the character would be portrayed. Yet, every time she shows up without Bruce Timm & Paul Dini’s influence, …

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266. Riptide

This was a tough one to get around and I absolutely failed. In the comics, Riptide – one of Mr. Sinister’s Marauders that killed a bunch of Morlocks in the Mutant Massacre – is pretty much always in human tornado mode. Looking him up, it took a while to find out what he’s wearing under …

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261. Gladiator

I read a short story once in an old issue of Marvel Comics Presents featuring Gladiator. It was a pretty great introduction to the character and managed to explain his entire schtick and tell a compelling story in 8 pages. He was a reformed Daredevil villain who opened a costume shop. This kid comes in …

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259. Electro

So one thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to really like the original costumes of the characters I’ve been redesigning (Mr. Terrific excluded). Electro is no different! I love the ridiculous oversized mask and the corny lightning suspenders and the lightning flared gloves. It’s glorious and I would gladly pay to see Amazing Spider-Man …

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76. Rainbow Raider

Because. The theme month survey is still happening, still taking suggestions. The roundup, so far: 2 votes for Legion 1 for X-Men 1 for Thrilling Adventure Hour – which is out since they don’t visually exist yet and I’m not going to come up with designs for all those characters 1 for SuperFuckers – which …

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