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1250. The Phantom

Celebrating The 4th of July with Australia’s favorite comic strip character. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

560. The Phantom

Drew this about a week ago while listening to the “How Did this Get Made” podcast about the movie “The Phantom”, which I actually like. And for a while in 1996, was kind of obsessed with. I had the “Slam Evil” ring and all. And I desperately wanted the giant blacklight standee we had at …

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Slam Evil!

What a terrible fucking tagline. Been a while, sorry. Been working on getting my podcast together.  You can find my podcast at www.guttertrash.net. It’s a swell podcast, with our first official episode being recorded on September 16th. To be released shortly thereafter. We’ll see when, then I’ll try to make that the regular upload day. …

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