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680. Gideon

The greatest villain ever, leaving Bibles in hotel rooms across the land. My Art Store Commission Info

678. Domino

My Art Store Commission Info

677. Deadpool

I have a lot of feelings regarding Deadpool, his popularity & Liefeld’s involvement with the character. Most of it is not positive. But what do I know? I’m just a janitor. My Art Store Commission Info

673. Shatterstar

My Art Store Commission Info

671. Zero

I need to clean my scanner. My Art Store Commission Info

566. Shatterstar

Because, sure.

494. Proudstar

Which one? ‘Sup to you!

385. Anarchist

From Peter Milligan & Mike Allred’s brilliant X-Force/X-Statix. I don’t remember what happened to the cast of that book at the end. I’m guessing dead. I also don’t know why this Dennis Rodman-y character was called “Anarchist”. He was never very “anarchic”.

336 – The Orphan

X-Force/X-Statix is a comic I need to re-read sometime.


Peter Milligan is one of my favorite writers*, Mike Allred is one of my all-time comic heroes, and together they created a run of X-Men related books that were so unique and so different and so “Fuck You, X-Men fans” that it will never be topped. Even Grant Morrison’s run on the X-Men couldn’t do …

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