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786. Logan

Me. MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Free Sketch Cards. Getchu sum. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

770. Laura

I saw a lot of movies this past week, at the theater, surprisingly. I had bad experiences, I’m not sure why I continue to go to movies. One of those movies was LOGAN. It was very good. Hugh Jackman has always been a good Wolverine, but I feel like this is the 1st time he …

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728. Wolverine

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

694. Cable

Merry Christmas, it’s the Mutant Messiah hisself. This is the drawing that started Rob Liefeld Month. I drew this for Jason Young’s birthday back in early 2014. I just finished coloring this two days ago. So. Not bad for 2.5 years of work, right? My Art Store Commission Info

677. Deadpool

I have a lot of feelings regarding Deadpool, his popularity & Liefeld’s involvement with the character. Most of it is not positive. But what do I know? I’m just a janitor. My Art Store Commission Info

602. Logan

Drew this while waiting in line to get Kevin Nowlan’s autograph at Cincy Comic Expo. It’s been a while. My Art Store Commission Info

574. Wolverine

Actually I think my problem is that I’m not used to working on paper, let alone big paper.

568. Wolverine

506. Deadpool vs. Old Freddy

Click to embiggen. I am no longer at Heroes Con. Day Three was a total fucking  disaster. I will also say that since I have no desire to be in the comic industry, I have no problem saying that Joe Quinones is the 2nd biggest asshole comic pro I’ve dealt with personally. Number One is …

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502. Wolverine

Click to embiggen. I’ll be at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19, TABLE AA-2117. I’m driving there right now, actually! This cover & others, prints, sketchbooks, sketches, comics, original art – all for sale at the show.

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