110 – Starfire

Starfire is the Tawny Kitaen of superheroes.

My second Teen Titan that I was inspired to draw due to my Ok, PANIC piece from two weeks ago. So, I’m pretty sure that to every pre-pubescent comic geek in the 80s, Starfire is a total representation of sex, and how frightening and awesome it is. I’m honestly surprised that whenever the exploitation, sexualization and objectification of female comic characters gets brought up, no one ever brings up Starfire, who has to easily be the most scantily clad, busty, slutty mainstream superhero comic character ever created.

What I’m saying is that this was fun to draw.

109 – Thor

So Thor was AMAZING!

No it wasn’t ’cause I didn’t get to fucking see it. Thor here is expressing my opinion for me. Even though the theater seemed to know beforehand, the projector showing the 2-D (real) version of Thor was broken, they still sold me tickets anyway, and then tried to “upgrade” me to the 3-D showing, which was going to be more crowded with idiot fucking asshole retards that love 3-D. So fuck you, Regal Cinemas. I will use the free passes and refund you gave me later, bitches. Assfucks.

108 – Cap’n Giantskull

107 – Spy Lady

I was watching The Monkees, and there was a lady with big floppy hat like this, and I wanted to draw it. I realize the resemblance to a Carmen Sandiego, but that is a phenomena which completely bypassed me.

106 – Max

I’ve been house-sitting for my parents while they are on vacation in Puerto Rico. While I certainly would love to go to Puerto Rico again someday, I enjoy house-sitting for them when they are gone. They have a giant TV, cable, soft water, a big kitchen to cook things in, and two adorable cats, Max and J.C. They also have a third cat, Ebby, but he’s an asshole and I don’t like him. Fuck that cat. While J.C. has his charms, Max is the most awesome cat in the world, so I sketched him while he slept next to me while I was drawing.

105 – Joker

Joker on post-it with highlighters & pen.

104 – Hal Jordan

At least part of him. On a post-it with pen & highlighters (yellow & blue).

103 – Hero

Follow up to yesterday’s post, the hero of the story that will most likely never happen.

102 – Villain

I’ve had a story idea bouncing around my head for the past couple days, and this is a very very rough sketch of the villain for this story that I may or may not eventually do (bettin’ money on never doin’ it).

101 – Two Face