066 – Adam West Batman

Really tight on time this week, so here’s a post-it sketch I did of Adam West as Batman. Also included is another drawing of Adam West as Batman that I did a few years ago. I think it’s a better piece, but didn’t want to blatantly use an old drawing for today’s entry. Ok, back to work.

065 – Chairface Chippendale

There are not enough words in every human and non-human language combined to describe how much I love The Tick.

Post-it sketch with ballpoint pen.

064 – The Rhino

I got nothin’.

063 – Batman

Testing out the Pentel Pocket Brush in my sketchbook as I waited to get new tires installed. Surprised it took me this long to get a Batman sketch up during the sketch-a-day quest.

062 – Kid Flash

Just testing out the Kuretake Brush Pen with a Kid Flash sketch.

061 – Brush Pen Testing

I ordered two pricey/fancy brush pens online and received them this week, and decided to battle them out, cockfighting style.

Or just test them both.

Both have their strong points and weak points. The Pentel Pocket Brush is easier to control and maintain, the ink is waterproof. The Kuretake is smoother and quicker and has a wider variety in line weight and variance, and is darker.

But I loves ’em both.

Every artist is looking for the one piece of equipment that will make them better artists. It doesn’t exist, but these pens come really close for me. I can feel myself changing to suit the pens, and it may be that breakthrough I feel I need to open my art up, and open my brain up.

Either that, or mushrooms.

060 – Captains America

Fake-Warholing it up. Folks who follow me on Twitter might recognize this as the warm-up piece I did before Live-Tweeting my weekly Drawing Night last Saturday.

059 – SPACE Sketch 8

058 – SPACE Sketch 7

057 – SPACE Sketch 6