172 – Supergirl

Watching Justice League Unlimited for my League Night podcast, and I was reminded of how much I dug Supergirl’s costume in the beginning of that cartoon and from the Superman: The Animated Series ‘toon. So I drew her. In that costume. Why are you hassling me?!

171 – Green Goblin

Normy Osborn’s better half.

170 – Cowboy

This is actually a character from a six page comic I did some years ago for a friend. Working out a way to get it published soon, hopefully.

169 – Ghost-y Rider?

168 – Plastic Man

A favorite.

167 – Weird

Just a weird doodle.

166 – The Goon and Frankie

Eric Powell’s The Goon is consistently the best comic on the stands, when it comes out. It’s been away for about a year, but now it’s back, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s fantastically funny, obscene, dramatic, amazing and beautifully drawn. I am eagerly looking forward to Satan’s Sodomy Baby II and I hope the animated movie gets made.

165 – Patch

Just a dude with an eye patch.

164 – Lex Luthor

163 – Strong Guy

Guido deserves better than this. Added to the redo pile.