059 – SPACE Sketch 8

058 – SPACE Sketch 7

057 – SPACE Sketch 6

056 – SPACE Sketch 5

055 – SPACE Sketch 4

054 – SPACE Sketch 3

053 – Prince Randian

Another SPACE sketch, this one of The Living Torso, Prince Randian, best known from the movie Freaks, which at one time I was going to adapt into a graphic novel, until I found out that a much better artist than me had already done it like 12 years ago.

052 – SPACE Sketch

Over the weekend, my friends Jason, Pat, Brian and I attended SPACE (Small Press And Comic Expo) in Columbus, Ohio. Over the course of the two days there, I doodled a little in a brand new sketchbook, killing time as we sold no comics.

051 – Stick figure

Failed experiment.

050 – Arachno-Man

Another Marvel Evil Doppelganger thing. This one… eh. It’s really hard to make a variant or redesign of the Spider-Man costume that hasn’t already been done. Plus, what my pal Jim pointed out in the comments on The Devil piece from yesterday, I’m not exactly grasping the whole “Earth-3” concept properly. I’ll give it a shot, but I’m also pretty “eh” on that too. I think I’ll add this to the list of “try it again later” pieces.

Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider, which drives him insane. He is given “spider” powers, but goes on a rampage and during the scuffle, he bites Flash Thompson just before being shot and killed. While hospitalized, Flash’s wounds heal quickly and he realizes that he now has spider powers too. He decides to use his newfound abilities to become a wrestling superstar. He witnesses the promoter get robbed, and decides that he can use his powers better as a thief. He tracks down the robber and kills him and steals the money. People think he’s a hero for stopping the robber, a position and reputation he now uses as the Amazing Arachno-Man, public superstar by day, thief and murderer by night, making his way up the ladder of the underworld.