196 – Ultimate Evil Ernie

Recently for Gutter Trash, we (I) reviewed the worst comic that I’ve ever read, Evil Ernie: War of the Dead.

There is a small part of me that thinks of Evil Ernie as a neat concept, so I drew him as if I suddenly got the rights to the character. Smiley no longer talks/is sentient, nor is he the source of Ernie’s powers. Ernie may talk to Smiley, simply because he’s an insane zombie demon.

I would pretty much strip away everything else about Evil Ernie, I would keep a version of Lady Death (but not the same one) in his backstory, but get rid of evil psychologists and parents and magical sketching abilities, and most importantly, I’d get rid of Evil Ernie/Brian Pulido’s crazy mid-80s Metal hair.

Ah, to dream.

195 – Apathy

This guy does not care for or about you.

194 – Accusation

This guy disapproves of everything you are doing.

193 – A-Okay

I don’t know who this guy I drew is, but he assures me that everything is alright. That’s all I need to know. I trust him. Just look at him.

192 – Noogies (aka 33)

I turn 33 today.

Normally for my birthday, I usually post something in-depth, even if it’s last year’s shitty sad-sackery. I don’t have much this year. I’ve gotten over the slump I was in, sorta, but still battling my depression and my self-sabotage. I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to acknowledge that I might need some help, but not yet to the point where I actually seek out that help. I was much more interested in celebrating my Dad’s birthday last weekend than I am in my own today. I am lonely, I take advantage of and take for granted all of my friends and yet cannot appreciate that I have friends or that maybe they don’t all hate me, like I just assume that they do. But at least Adam Hughes hasn’t ruined my life this year. On the plus side, there have not been any major setbacks, and some very tiny steps forward to achieving a happier, healthier Eric, so maybe by the time I’m 35 – if I am not dead – I can start my way toward being a grown-up.

Anyway, in the spirit of looking up and looking ahead, I drew something that made me chuckle as I sketched it.

191 – Falcon

190 – Black Lightning

In honor of the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, I drew a couple of prominent black superheroes. For BL here, I used the Cully Hamner design from Black Lightning: Year One, which isn’t too different from the stand BL costume, but just enough to make it not totally ridiculous. It also doesn’t hurt that Cully Hamner is great.

189 – Superwoman

Rounding out the Crime Syndicate of Amerika with Superwoman, the evil Wonder Woman.

I think I’m gonna revisit these characters with a team piece at some point.

188 – Power Ring

Some months back (March) I drew a couple members of The Crime Syndicate of Amerika, the evil Justice League from Earth 3 (or 2, or whatever), with the promise that I’d come back and draw the other CSA characters. I plum forgot.

So here we are in August, and here’s me making that up with Power Ring. There have been three versions of Power Ring, the evil Green Lantern, and I wasn’t digging on any of their designs or looks, so I combines the appearances of four of their GL counterparts to make one evil Power Ring.

The costume shape and flow is inspired by Hal, the white sash, boots and gloves are inspired by Guy, the mask is Kyle’s and the man wearing it all is the evil John Stewart.

187 – Whiz Comics No. 20

My Dad’s birthday is today, born on August 6, 1941, making him 70 years old. While my Dad and I share similar (negative) personality traits, we don’t have much in common, and our relationship isn’t the best. It’s not bad by any means, and I’m fairly certain that whatever is keeping us from being closer is pretty much all due to me and whatever keeps my brain from functioning correctly.

But he’s my Dad, and I love him. He’s never not been there for me when I’ve needed him, and he’s always done his best for me and my family. He may be a cranky, curmudgeonly stubborn, impatient nut for plans and detail, but so am I, and I hope that when I grow up, I have the ability to provide for a family the way he did.

I don’t know if he will appreciate this, I’m not sure if he will like it or get it, but today’s drawing is his birthday present. The original drawing is 10 x 15, framed, black and white art. I can’t remember the last time I bought a birthday present for him, or even my Mom, but 70 is a big milestone, and a gift seems appropriate. Sadly, I’m a broke bastard, but I can draw a picture when needed.

The drawing is a recreation/reinterpretation of Whiz Comics No. 20, the original seen below. I wanted to redraw a comic cover that was published in the month he was born. Golden Age covers are either incredibly simple or just plain bizarre and busy. Whiz # 20 was the best one I could find, even though I can’t understand a single thing happening in the background of the original. I’m also aware that Captain Marvel was not originally published by DC Comics, but I don’t care. I like adding modern trade dressing to old covers when I do recreations.

Anyway, even though he won’t ever read this (and he better not), Happy Birthday, Dad, and many more.