107 – Spy Lady

I was watching The Monkees, and there was a lady with big floppy hat like this, and I wanted to draw it. I realize the resemblance to a Carmen Sandiego, but that is a phenomena which completely bypassed me.

106 – Max

I’ve been house-sitting for my parents while they are on vacation in Puerto Rico. While I certainly would love to go to Puerto Rico again someday, I enjoy house-sitting for them when they are gone. They have a giant TV, cable, soft water, a big kitchen to cook things in, and two adorable cats, Max and J.C. They also have a third cat, Ebby, but he’s an asshole and I don’t like him. Fuck that cat. While J.C. has his charms, Max is the most awesome cat in the world, so I sketched him while he slept next to me while I was drawing.

105 – Joker

Joker on post-it with highlighters & pen.

104 – Hal Jordan

At least part of him. On a post-it with pen & highlighters (yellow & blue).

103 – Hero

Follow up to yesterday’s post, the hero of the story that will most likely never happen.

102 – Villain

I’ve had a story idea bouncing around my head for the past couple days, and this is a very very rough sketch of the villain for this story that I may or may not eventually do (bettin’ money on never doin’ it).

101 – Two Face

100 – Golden Age Blue Beetle

Whoo! 100! Hey, it’s a milestone, let me fucking have it! Seriously, I honestly thought that I would have given up by now. Trust me, I’ve wanted to. Still do! Won’t. But still do.

To celebrate post #100, I did a redesign of the original Blue Beetle – Dan Garrett. I wanted to make his costume look like Ted Kord’s Blue Beetle suit – Kord Blue Beetle being my absolute favorite superhero ever – while maintaining some of the original costume’s elements (scale mail, skirt, fin).

There are Golden Age Blue Beetle radio plays available for free download all over the internet, yet I’ve never bothered to listen them. I’m not sure why. Probably because if he gets shot in the face and never resurrected, I’ll throw a massive shit fit, even in audio form.

099 – Flyin’ Dude

Just a generic flying superhero. I really just wanted to draw a big fist.

098 – Wolverine