Not much to say. Tired. Hungry. Much like angry mummy.

Scary Monsters


Nothing’s quite as frightening, however, as watching my drunk 47 year old, married brother try to pick up an 18 year old waitress at a sports bar. It was a special day.

Back to Lego Batman with me… er… I mean, reading a book.


Gotta get this one done early, or it won’t get done today. I drew this one a while ago. Kind of experimental. I had just bought a big-ass funky marker, and just wanted to do something huge, crazy and sloppy with it. This was the result.

Just woke up. Nothing new to gripe about.


A little late, was having dinner with my parents. Anyhoo.

Unless their name is Dracula, and they’re played by Gary Oldman or Bela Lugosi, attractive charming vampires can blow it out their ass. I love vampires as freakish, dirty, messy, sloppy motherfuckers who are, y’know, actually frightening. As much as I hate Steve Niles’ work, at least he had the decency to take that direction with 30 Days of way too fucking much hackery. However, with the popularity of crap like Twilight (the trailer to the movie looks fucking terrible, and I found out that my 13 year old nephew is obsessed with it – it has be shitty), it looks like pretty, vapid, toothless vampires ain’t goin’ away anytime soon.

So I based this nasty motherfucker on Orlok from the film Nosferatu, originally played by actor Max Schreck (also the name of Christopher Walken’s character in Batman Returns. Schreck himself would be portrayed – kinda – by Willem Dafoe in the criminally underrated Shadow of the Vampire). I decided to give this guy the leech/sucker tongue thing… just because.

My brother’s visiting tomorrow. I love him, wanna see him, but it really kinda fucks up my plans for Saturday (reading a book). I’ll just have to power-read through it on Sunday.

See ya.

Jason Vorhees

Another “reimagining”. Though, as I’ve said, I’ve never seen a Friday the 13th movie, I always imagined Jason as a giant retarded mutant baby. With a machete. So I drew him that way (hence the unmasked head shot).

Watched I, Madman last night. Not a very good movie, but I kept thinking that I recognized every single actor and actress in it from other things. Turns I only recognized one guy, who was in a very short-lived but pretty damn good show called G vs. E. He played Chandler Smythe.

Gas is below 3 dollars a gallon. If this is what happens when the economy collapses, I wish it would collapse every week. This just further fuels (get it?) my theory that people like me (poor) actually benefit when the world goes belly-up.


Freddy Krueger

A “reimagining” of Nightmare on Elm Street monster, Freddy Krueger. I watched the first NoES when I was about 5 years old, with my mom, while eating dinner. It was awesome. Freddy sorta became my favorite franchise guy – fitting as I’ve never seen a Halloween movie (I actually did see Halloween III: Season of the Witch, but since it’s got nothing to do with the others, I suppose it doesn’t count) or a Friday the 13th (Freddy vs. Jason doesn’t count either). After 3, and up until New Nightmare, the NoES series pretty much sucks, as Freddy became a jokey joke jokester – a warm and cuddly slasher your youngest children can love (then again, I was 5, but I was a weird fucked up little kid).

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do likenesses, and it seems even more ridiculous to try to match a creature like Freddy to what Robert Englund looks like in the make-up. For that matter, whenever I see comic based on a tv show or movie, it always immediately disconnects with me to see that the drawings are so heavy photo-referenced just so the characters look like the actors. Film and Comics are two different things, and I think that, as long as an artist gets the “feel” of the character, who gives a fuck if they go “off model”. So fuck David Boreanaz and William Shatner (second Shatner mention! Score!) and their egos. Or their Eggos. Let artists… um… art. Leave them alone! The amount of photo-reference needed for licensed comics ruins any energy that makes a comic a comic.

And yeah, you can apply that to any comic that uses actors to sub in for characters.

Anyhoo, to help keep me in the Halloween spirit, I started my annual tradition of only listening to The Misfits in my car for the rest of the month, and I’ve reordered my Netflix queue to only get horror movies for the next few weeks. Feast 2 is at the top of my queue, but it’s a “Very Long Wait” at this point. So instead, today, I got I, Madman, May, and The Woods.

Be back tomorrow.

Zombie Invincible

A mix of hero and horror, the unofficial Walking Dead/Invincible crossover I’ve been wanting for years.

I figger since I’ll be posting here everyday, and I’ve stopped posting on Newsarama, I’ll vent about whatever while I post art.

…um… Got nothing to say. There may be a new episode of Gutter Trash up tonight. Hopefully. (Gutter Trash is my podcast which can be found at – just in case). I hope we’ll have Announcer Girl around this episode… it’s looking bleak right now, though. Just check out Gutter Trash for future updates.

Ok see ya tomorrow.

October Treats

To keep me further procrastinated away from working on my sequentials, I threw down a challenge at myself. From this point on, until October 31st, I am posting a new piece of – something – everyday. Anything goes – from full blown illustration to a doodle on a post-it. From 10/06/08 – 10/31/08, new “art”, everyday. And, in the spirit blahblah, it’ll be horror related.

So, if’n you actually follow this blog, and you gots a horror-related request, I’ll post it sometime within the rest of this month.

Starting…. now.

10/06. This started out as Michael Myers, but I can’t draw likeness, or Bill Shatner, so I just made him my own slasher. And I’m sure it’s not original, either, but then again, which slasher is, anymore?

X-Men First Class

Except I’m not Roger Cruz! It’s good to be me.

To me, my zay-men

Y’know what I hate most about the X-Men movies and cartoons? X-Avier. X-Avier? What the fuck is wrong with everyone? It’s pronounced Zavier, folks! Zavier! Grr!

I have a secret shame, and that shame is that I love The X-Men. It’s the comic that turned me into a hardcore geek. Admittedly, up until Grant Morrison start his run, I hadn’t regularly read The X-Men books since 1992, or whenever Peter David left X-Factor. I kept my eye on it, but never really bought it, ‘cept maybe a stray issue here or there. Unlike the seeming majority of fanboys, I’ll drop a book and wait for it to get good again, not continuously buy it until it gets good. I followed Morrison, kept through with Whedon, and now I’m out again. I may pick up Warren Ellis’ run in trade format, but even Brubaker, Carey and Fraction can’t keep my interest nowadays. So, once again, I wait silently, hoping that someday the X-Men will be good again. In the meantime, I draw my favorite mutants far too much.