Revenge of the Video Dead

So, I spent most of October making a comic…

So, I spent most of October making a comic. If you know me, you know that I used to make comics with Bruce O. Hughes many years ago. You can read many of them at his website, plus his comics since we stopped working together.

Other than some short 6-pagers, I haven’t made a comic in years. There’s a reason for that. I’m not good at it, it’s hard to do, and, quite frankly, I don’t like to do it. Some people are built to be able to draw comics. I am not one of those.

But, I got paid to make this comic. I can tell you that I accepted the money, I needed it. But, I did not get paid nearly enough money to make an effort. This comic literally exists for one human being to read. He printed one copy.

He gave me a list of terrible horror movies and asked me to pick one to either adapt, or make a sequel or prequel to. I found the least worst movie on the list and made a sequel, because I don’t see any point in adapting a thing that someone else has already made.

The Video Dead leaves itself open for a sequel and found myself thinking of directions it could go. So, with the most minimal effort I could muster, I squirted out a story and drew it.

What follows is the ultimate in first drafts. It is 24 pages of “nope”.

The client would prefer that I “suggest” that folks make a donation to read this. I think that’s worst idea since I cranked out a full comic in two weeks based on an idea that I don’t own or can’t legally make any money from. So here it is, free to everyone.

Read it online by clicking the above image, or download either a .cbr or .pdf by clicking the icons below.