May 2011 archive

120 – Huh?

I don’t gotta explain nothin’ to you.

119 – Bad Guy

Unfinished sketch of a bad guy from a long abandonded project.

118 – Aquaman

Another of my long list of failures at life.

117 – Baron Zemo

Adding this to the redo pile.

116 – Throat Monster

This is the creature that has been living in the back of my throat since last Tuesday. I have been coughing him up little bits at a time since then.

115 – Rogue

The most misspelled superhero name on the internet! Also a character that has gone through more major personality fluxes since her introduction as a villain back in the early 80s (late 70s?). Also probably the source of my crush on Anna Paquin. True Blood starts soon, which I am absolutely not looking forward to, but …

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114 – Nathan Explosion

My friend Brian John Mitchell requested a sketch of Nathan Explosion of Metalocalypse/Dethklok fame, pissing on a rainbow. I don’t get it, I don’t approve, I drew a line. I don’t know why, I’ve drawn characters having violent diarrhea before. But I’m older, wiser, smarter, better looking than I was back then. So no go. …

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113 – Concrete

A year or so ago, my friend Jason picked the Concrete mini-series Strange Armor for our show, Gutter Trash. I enjoyed it so much that I rushed out and bought the first volume of Concrete stories and have since never read it. I’ll get around to it. Anyway, Paul Chadwick’s Concrete. Read it, it’s great.

112 – Morpheus

Sandman is one of those books I feel bad about for not reading more of. Back in the mid-90s, DC began publishing (along with black and white versions of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing) Sandman under the header Vertigo Essentials. I bought ’em all for the 20 issues it lasted, and I enjoyed it greatly. Then …

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111 – Iron Man