August 2011 archive

212 – Flaming Carrot

A request for my friend Jason, Bob Burden’s Flaming Carrot is a favorite comic character of his. I don’t know much of anything about him, other than he is a member of The Mystery Men, a movie that has not held up on repeated viewing, and a trade paperback worth of comics I own but …

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211 – Babyface and Mrs. Manface

Over at Ok, PANIC!, our topic this week is Batman Villains. I’m actually really proud of the piece I did there, so go check it out. Coincidentally, I’ve been watching a TON of the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon, which – other than the many (many) musical numbers – I’ve decided is the best …

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210 – Jonah Hex

I don’t know why I’ve never drawn Jonah Hex before. I draw guys with hats all the time, and I love to draw guys with fucked up faces, so you’d think this’d be a regular thing.

209 – She-Hulk

208 – Stingray

I have never read a single comic with Stingray in it, and if I have, the character obviously never made an impression, outside of his costume – which is awesome. Apparently he is some sort of underwater Iron Man, the superhero oceanographer, and a reserve Avenger. I look forward to seeing his movie in 2018.

207 – Bulldozer

The final Wrecking Crew member, Bulldozer, who looks like a junior version of Juggernaut. That still makes him 1000% better than Piledriver. Seriously, fuck that guy. I’ll probably do a team sketch in the future. Piledriver will be obscured by everyone else. Guaranteed.

206 – Thunderball

Part 3 of The Wrecking Crew, Thunderball. His costume’s not great, but he carries a giant wrecking ball on a chain, and that more than makes up for it. It certainly puts him leagues ahead of Piledriver.

205 – Piledriver

Part 2 of The Wrecking Crew: Piledriver. This may be the worst drawing I’ve ever done for this blog, especially for a request, but Holy Christ, Piledriver has to be the biggest turd of a villain ever created. I was so bored two seconds into even doing research on this dull asshole, I wanted to …

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204 – Wrecker

The first of a series of requests for Jason Young, The Wrecking Crew. First up is Wrecker. I have to admit to not knowing a thing about these characters, other than they have some sort of Asgardian powers and tools. I think Wrecker’s costume is nice, and I loved the ridged mask.

203 – The Whizzer

Fulfilling a request for Wheeler Hall, the Headmaster of Ok, PANIC!, it’s The Whizzer (don’t laugh). The Whizzer is a somewhat obscure Golden Age Marvel speedster, and the name is also used by the speedster from The Squadron Supreme, I think (it was hard to find info on this guy). The original Whizzer was retconned …

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