October 2011 archive

273 – Simon Garth, The Zombie

Two birds, one stone. I’m adding another Marvel character to the blog, and celebrating Halloween. I don’t know a ton about Simon Garth, The Zombie outside of the 4-issue Kyle Hotz book I read, which is apparently different from the 70s Black and White Magazine character. From what I can gather, he’s a voodoo based …

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272 – Doc Samson

There’s been a huge lack of Marvel characters in comparison to DC characters on this blog since I started the sketch-a-day. I intend to try to fix that in this final 100 days or so. So here’s Doc Samson: Action Psychiatrist.

271 – Roboguy

270 – Shitty Thing

This is what Ben Grimm, The Thing, looks like when drawn wrong.

269 – Punk

268 – Colossus



266 – 10/24/2011

265 – JLA/Avengers

264 – Jigsaw

The Punisher villain, not the shitty horror movie villain. Also, over the past week or so, I have discovered a newfound fondess for the movie Punisher War Zone.