November 2011 archive

303 – Some Kind of Monster

302 – Longshot

301 – Beaker

First of all, I’m an idiot. Yesterday’s drawing should have been of a Spartan Warrior. Second of all, I look forward to watching The Muppets when it eventually comes out on DVD. I think I’m done going to the theater. Thirdly, I think I’d rather see a new Muppet Show than a series of movies. …

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300 – Madame Masque

Iron Man villainess. This was never intended to be my Day 300 post. I had been working on a large coloring project with the intent of being ready for Day 300, but some things have come up that prevented that from happening. So it might wind up being Day 328 or something. Who knows. 65 …

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299 – Dormammu

It is fun to say “Dormammu” out loud. Say it. It’s spelled like it sounds. Door – Ma – Moo. Dormammu.

298 – Kilowog

Still a better Green Lantern than Hank Gordon. I watched the two-part series opener of the Green Lantern Animated series. The story was okay, I’m really not a fan of the Rainbow Coalition of Lanterns, and this seems to be really focused on that. The show seems to be light on “fun” and takes itself …

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297 – 11/24/2011

296 – The Blob

295 – Baron Blood

Captain America/Invaders villain/goofy-looking vampire.

294 – Nightcrawler

Bonus micro-hero: