December 2011 archive

334 – Saturn Girl

Another Legionnaire for Jim Purcell, co-host and creator of The Savage FINcast, a podcast the celebrates everything Savage Dragon and Erik Larsen related, in addition to being the newest podcast addition to the Gutter Trash Network. I think three podcasts makes it a network. I have enjoyed the two attempts at drawing Legion of Superhero …

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333 – Abe Sapien

Next to Roger the Homonculus, Abe is probably my favorite Hellboy supporting character. I really need to catch up on all things Hellboy and BPRD related.

332 – Fatman, The Human Flying Saucer

Yet another Jeff or Sarah Potter request (again, I think it’s Jeff). This guy apparently transforms into a flying saucer with lasers, or something. I dunno. I’m more astonished by the fact that he was created by C.C. Beck after DC Comics sued Captain Marvel (Shazam) out of existence.

331 – Herbie, The Fat Fury

Another Potter family request, I think Jeff himself is the culprit of this one.

330 – Golden Age Red Tornado

Another request from the Potter family, this one definitely from Sarah. If DC Comics wants to appeal to a larger audience with a strong female character, they can look no further than Ma Hunkel.

329 – Forbush Man

A request for either Jeff Potter or his daughter Sarah, can’t remember which.

328 – Santa Claus

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.

327 – The Krampus

My friend Amanda and I exchanged presents last night, and despite being 33 years old, I refuse to actually purchase wrapping paper. So I found a giant brown bag, reversed it and drew the above drawing on the front of the package. She loved it. So, It’s Christmas Eve. A few years ago, I learned …

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326 – Transmetropolitan

I believe this was a request from my friend Shiloh. Back at the turn of the century, Shiloh and I were incredibly close. We parted ways and kept minimal contact with each other until I broke down and joined Facebook. Since then she has been one of my few Facebook friends who likes to call …

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325 – Sasquatch

I don’t know who requested it, but I have on my list “Bigfoot”. So I decided to draw Sasquatch from Alpha Flight instead. I’m counting it.