January 2012 archive

365 – Deathlok

Woo! The end of the road! Deathlok is a character I’ve been desperate to draw for the blog this past year. He’s very cool looking and I’ve got some nostalgia for the 90s version. I wanted to make sure I got this in before the 365 was up. Boom! Here! And guess what else? The …

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364 – Snake Eyes

The Wolverine of G.I. Joe. Overexposed, overplayed, overrated. But still awesome. Plus he has the distinction of not having his ass kicked by little girls.

363 – WildStar

I have to admit to never reading WildStar, the Al Gordon and Jerry Ordway comic from the early days of Image Comics. He’s cool looking. I’m sure it’s better written than most of those early books. I should hunt it down in some quarter boxes.

362 – Proinsias Cassidy

As much as Preacher is about Jesse Custer finding God and calling him on His bullshit, it’s also about the journey Cassidy takes from being a sleazy piece of shit vampire to redeemable human being. So basically, like Angel, with a lot more drugs, booze, sex, murder, and a more ridiculous Irish first name.

361 – Riddler

360 – Hypno-Hustler

So what was I saying about scraping the bottom of the obscure character barrel? Hi there, Hypno-Hustler, nice to meet you. Another kind-of request for Nick Marino.

359 – Wundarr the Aquarian

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this year of daily sketches, it’s that just when you think you’ve found the most obscure character you could possibly draw, there’s another even more obscure character waiting around the corner. Today’s is the Aquarian, a sort-of request by Nick Marino, creator of multiple webcomics and 79 or …

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358 – Manhunter

One of the many many Manhunter characters that have run around the DC Universe, but also one of the best. So of course, her series got cancelled.

357 – Mockingbird

Marvel’s version of Black Canary to their version of Green Arrow, aka Hawkeye.

356 – KISS

This was a request from Matt Brassfield, who, like everyone, loves KISS. If you don’t love KISS, you’re wrong – and I’ve drawn a comic to explain why. I think this may be the new cover for that comic if I ever decide to reprint it. Matt wanted the four original members of KISS (Demon, …

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