February 2012 archive

369 – Marshal Law

Marshal Law is one of those books that was always on the periphery for me when I started reading comics. I would order back issues and trades and such from a mail order catalog – usually X-Men or Batman related stuff. But a couple books always stood out in the ads I would see. Things …

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368 – One Punch

So, this is one of the more complicated requests I got over the course of the year. I had actually attempted to do this one many times throughout the months, and always failed or got caught up in something else. A few weeks ago when I decided to expand the Daily Sketches by four days …

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367 – Scud, the Disposable Assassin

I have not yet read Scud, the Disposable Assassin, but I own the gigantically hefty complete series omnibus. I got it for about 5 bucks in the aftermath of Border’s Books and Music shutting down. Yay terrible economy with a mix of piracy!

366 – Deadpool

Deadpool is a character who has really risen above his origins. Congratulations, Wade. Sketch-a-Day, One Year plus One! Forging ahead!