February 2013 archive


The underlying pencils were far more complex than how I inked it. I just wanted to simplify the sketch and ink it entirely with as few curved lines as I could muster. The individual teeth and shadows were last minute adjustments to make it look less empty.

27. Batman

I’ve recently figured out that I prefer a well-adjusted Batman. I have lost all taste I once had for a broody, sulky sad sack Batman, or the uber-dark paranoid dick Batman. There is no better adjusted or happier Batman than the Adam West Batman.

26. Invincible

25. Eddie

I’ve been watching a lot of rockumentaries lately, and I sketched this while watching one on the making of Iron Maiden’s NUMBER OF THE BEAST. Maybe I should make this a cleaned up, full illustration some time.

24. Hulk-Out



21. Ben Grimm

20. John Constantine, Hellblazer

Oi, piss off. Hellblazer # 300 comes out today in comic shops everywhere and concludes the longest running Vertigo comic and – on a technicality – DC comic. I’ve already said my piece on the subject of John Constantine and DC’s cancelling of his book in favor of a New 52’d version. Since I get …

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