March 2013 archive

59. Hellcat

Caught up on Justified and Archer yesterday. Justified is great. I seriously love everything about that show.

58. Nay, More

I caught up on The Walking Dead last night, since I’d already had the shit spoiled out of it. Goddammit. What don’t people understand about “I haven’t watched it yet!” or “I’m waiting for it on DVD!”? Also watched Bates Motel. I had watched the first episode during HorrorHound last weekend in my hotel. I …

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Etsy Store? Still There. Back on the movie horse after about a week. Might jump off it this weekend, though, as everyone in the world is threatening to not let me enjoy The Walking Dead when it comes out on DVD, as I prefer. 3/28 11-11-11. I’ve never lost so much interest in a movie …

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56. Classic X-Men

Post-it sketch. I wanted to try a heavy shadowed figure, stark contrast with no hatching, and then it turned into Cyclops. Then I added the recognizable silhouettes. I hope anyway. Hey, the Etsy Store? Still a thing. Haven’t given up yet.


Post-it doodle of a bulldog/frog/fish-man. And he wants beer. Apparently. I am proud to announce that my Etsy store is open for business! I would like to eventually figure out a more permanent, self-sustained storefront, but this’ll do nicely for now. I will have my prints for sale as well as whatever original artwork I …

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Doodled this while spending three hours on the phone with Time Warner trying to get my dad’s internet back. As of 11pm, still not up. Putting my already fouler than usual mood into overdrive.

53. Baron Von Porkchop

Something felt off. Then today I realized that I had forgotten to upload this sketch I did at HorrorHound. I don’t know how or if he knew that I have a tenuous connection to Baron Von Porkchop, but Baron super-fan Stephen Alexander commissioned this sketch from me at the show. Luckily, the Baron was also …

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52. HorrorHound Day 3

Sketches from Day 3 of HorrorHound Weekend. We’ve got Jack Skellington from some movie, Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd, and a punk rock zombie. And with that, we are done with the show. It wasn’t good, as far as finances and getting seen goes, but it was a ton of fun. Hung out with some …

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51. HorrorHound Weekend – Day 1 and 2

Sketches from Days 1 and 2 of HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m not doing great sales-wise. The prints aren’t moving, but lots of people love ’em – just not enough to buy ’em. So, we’ve got Leatherface advertising the sketch deal, followed by an alien from the movie BAD TASTE, The Tall Man from …

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50. Super Fiends

Today is the first day of HorrorHound Weekend! I will be there tonight and for the whole show through Sunday selling prints and doing sketches. I’d already talked about this a little bit and showed a preview of some of the prints that I will have for sale. Today’s drawing is the 4th print I …

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