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88. Spider-Woman

So, there’s an idiot what lives in my pants. About 20 some days ago, I misread what number the previous post was and jumped ahead. I just noticed this mistake yesterday. It’s resolved now. So instead of Sketch-A-Day 2.0 #90, today is #88. Thank you for bearing with me during this troubling time. I’ve always …

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Rewatched Goon with my friend Jason and then we watched Commando. I had never seen it all the way through. It’s dumb, fun, splodey and JEPH LOEB. Also, Schwarzennegger fights an evil Freddy Mercury. JEPH LOEB!


Yesterday was a weird day. I got half a day off work and I came home fully intending to work on stuff all day and night. Instead I watched a bunch of movies, took a four hour nap, drove around for about an hour while in the midst of some sort of nervous break down, …

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Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe REDUX EDITION

Today, my latest contribution to Calamity Jon’s OHOTMU Redux blog went up. Click here to see the newest piece as well as my past contributions, and while you’re at it, the rest of the site, ‘cuz it’s all great. Don’t be scum.

85. Invisible Woman

Moobies: The Woman. I was going to say that I’ve seen some of Lucky McKee’s movies. Apparently, though, I’ve seen all of them, except “All Cheerleaders Die” – which was his first film and according to IMDB, getting remade – and “Blue Like You”, a short film. So I guess you could say I’m a …

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This might be Christopher Lambert. I watched Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, an early 70s Hammer Horror film starring Peter Cushing and David Prowse. Letting that sit for a sec. Ok. It was good. It’s different than any other Frankenstein movie I’ve seen before. The creature is unique and grotesque, the mood is dark, …

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83. Sharzoop!

I should probably go back and read Jerry Ordway’s “Power of Shazam” series.


81. Jim Rockford

I’m bad at likenesses. I’ve been watching the first season of THE ROCKFORD FILES for a couple weeks now. I enjoy it a lot, but the episodes have a sameness to them that a lot of older series suffer from (which is why I’ve not been able to watch too many of the old INCREDIBLE …

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