July 2013 archive



She’s got a disease. I finished watching the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. It’s a good show, with a ton of horrible flaws. The acting is fantastic, not a loser in the bunch, including Jason Biggs whom I’ve pretty much written off forever as the guy what fucked a pie. One of my …

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178. Axe Cop: Night Mission

The AXE COP television show premiered last night. If you didn’t watch it, stop coming to this blog. Watched the movie Stay Hungry for Gutter Trash. Episode coming soon.


This was an experiment. I had read something about how Stuart Immonen (my favorite mainstream comic artist) used a black coloring pencil to draw “Superman: Secret Identity”. I wanted to try it out for myself, see what would happen. I saw Pacific Rim again last night. Still incredibly good, think I liked it better, actually. …

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174. James

Lars from yesterday was an accident, James is on purpose. I needed to round out the other half of the metal duo called “Metallica”. You can try to argue that there are other members of the band, but you’re wrong. There hasn’t been since Cliff Burton died. And if you think Kirk Hammet counts, you’re …

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173. Lars

It’s a happy accident that what I drew sort of turned into Lars Ulrich. It’s a happier accident that Lars has aged himself to look like a toad.

172. Catwoman