September 2013 archive


Yesterday, not only did I finish watching Battlestar Galactica, but Breaking Bad also ended. We had a viewing party last night. And by party, I mean I hung out with this guy: And two other people were there. We ate Taco Bell. And then I went home. I liked the ending to both. Stay tuned …

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237. Heisenberg

Breaking Bad is ending this Sunday. I would talk about it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got nothing new to say about it that you don’t already know. I love the show, I will miss it, but I’m glad it’s ending. Go out on top. I drew this as a celebration of the show, and …

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236. Punisher

Micro Heroes

  Years ago, I got into making Micro Heroes. It sort of became a massive time-suck. It also helped that I was mostly unemployed at the time. Anyway, I made a ton of these things. And now I’ve finally put them all in a place for people to look at. Shonborn’s Micro Heroes is now …

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