December 2013 archive


333. Sabretooth

I’ve never been a huge fan of any of Sabretooth’s costumes. I suppose when I saw the Jim Lee redesign in the early 90s, I glommed to that. So when I got the request to draw Sabretooth for the blog, I was prepared to draw that version. But doing a quick reference scan, I saw …

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332. Colonel Klink

Continuing the bald, angry German guy with vision problems theme.

331. Herr Starr

330. Shrek

Continuing the green, bald cartoon character theme.

329. TMNT

It’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. You get to decide which one it is! Whichever one is your favorite, this is it!

328. Eleventh Doctor

Merry Christmas, everyone. I’m not big on celebrating the holiday anymore, but I don’t want to rain on everyone’s parade either. So I truly hope everyone that visits this blog has a great holiday, whichever ones you celebrate or don’t. One thing I am looking forward to though is the appearance of Mike Schmidt: The …

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327. Fourth Doctor

It’s Christmas Eve, and a tradition for geeks is the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which airs tomorrow. So, I got The Doctor on my mind, which was super fortunate when muh pal Joseph G. Runenwald asked me to do a sketch on this blank Doctor Who sketch variant cover. He mostly did it because he …

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326. King Diamond

So King Diamond is pretty great. A legendary metal vocalist, a definite style (if not cribbed a little from Gene Simmons [if not cribbed a little from Alice Cooper {if not cribbed a little from Arthur Brown}]), and he seems to be 100% aware of how goofy his career is, and that makes him all …

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