January 2014 archive

365. Goodbye Hello

And with this, we have the end of Sketch-A-Day 2.0. Year One. Tomorrow begins Sketch-A-Day 2.0 Year Two. This time, I carry guns. So, yeah, I’m not ending the Sketch-A-Day blog. Probably ever. I haven’t decided if I want to continue the numbering or renumber the posts starting from “1”. Maybe even a 1.1, or …

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364. Marshall Manhunter

363. John Lantern

362. Wendy Woman

I am still terrible at drawing her.


360. Lex Luthor


358. Beast



Sunday morning, I watched an incredibly dull French horror film called Them. It’s your standard home invasion movie, but with a twist. It’s kids. Spoiler. Don’t watch it. I celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day watching the British horror film Kill List. I still don’t know what I think or feel about it. It’s a …

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