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481. Zatanna

You can’t really tell, but I used a sparkly gel pen on this.

480. Beetle (Blue)

So DC brought back Ted Kord. Yep.

479. Daredevil

I’ve been suffering from a real pang of nostalgia for 90s comics lately. I don’t know why, as it was generally the worst. But also kinda the best, in the worst way possible.

478. Mystique

477. Venom

Appleseed Comic Con sketch commission. A couple nights ago, I watched Rosemary’s Baby for the first time ever (the original, not whatever in the sweet loving fuck that remake thing was). It’s definitely the very definition of a late 60s, early 70s horror film. More drama than anything else, slowly and deliberately paced, focusing more …

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476. Mumm-Ra