June 2014 archive

515. Derek Hale

Kathleen Coyle Week rolls on with this sketch of Derek Hale from the television progrimm Teen Wolf. The second episode of season four airs tonight. I used to have conflicting emotions about this show, but now, fuck all that. I love it, it’s great. It’s godawful, but it’s great. Anyhoo, Derek is the prettiest pretty …

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514. The Count

I haven’t done this in a while – a week of requests dictated by one of my friends. So, here we begin Kathleen Coyle Week! First up on Kat’s wishlist: Count Von Count!

513. Green Arrow

I finally caught up on Arrow this morning as I was drawing, so hence today’s sketch and why I included Arrow’s most famous catchphrase even though this doodle is of the golden age era G.A. Ooh, also last night, I watched the Spike Lee remake of Oldboy and now I am no longer friends with …

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511. Bat-Man

I figured since I’ve been drawing a fair amount of Superman villains lately, I should definitely include his biggest arch-nemesis, Bat-Man. Apparently, the Bat-Fella is also celebrating a 75th anniversary. Even if you’re a comic fan, I’d excuse you not noticing. DC Comics and Warner Brothers have kept the celebration pretty low-key. What do you …

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510. Hank Henshaw

I kinda loved drawing this and didn’t want to stop.

509. The Punisher

I debated whether or not I should draw Frank in his classic spandex costume or go for the “realistic” skull shirt/armor look. But honestly, I’m getting tired of the whole “realistic” super-character thing. It works in moderation, but when it comes down to it, body armor, seams, collars and loose clothing don’t make a comic …

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508. Lex Luthor


506. Frederick J. Krueger

Over the past couple of days, I have watched the 4-hour Never Sleep Again – a documentary about all things Nightmare on Elm Street (except the remake). It was pretty good. Enjoyable, funny, and somewhat informative. NoES, and Freddy has always been my favorite horror franchise. A delusional me who has filmaking aspirations would love …

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