September 2014 archive

607. Nightcrawler

606. Firestar

605. Lois and Clark


I cannot come up with a name for these folks. At all. But this another pastiche. This one suggested by Joe Grunenwald. Terrence and Rebecca Hayworth – siblings – were driving to visit their mother. They do not get along and could not be more different. Terry is laid back, friendly, and a “live and …

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603. James Gordon

So, I watched GOTHAM. It was… eh. Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue were quite good. McKenzie’s come a long way since The O.C. But otherwise, eh. There’s a reason that, for the most part, we don’t see stories about Bruce Wayne as a child, or Batman’s major rogues before they were rogues. Because… who cares? …

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The lady person is preparing to teach a class to a bunch of rich women at a country club on wine glass painting. She has been practicing with different types of paint and glass for a few weeks now, and last night got me to do a glass as well. It was supposed to be …

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599. Hellboy