March 2015 archive

059 – Wolf-a-ream

It’s good to know that there are still vigilant comic fans out there.


I’m on Day 7 of whatever the fuck is wrong with me. Coughing, wheezing (more than normal), torn throat, head full of snot literally coming out of my eyes, no voice. Although today, back aches joined the party. I am a mucus-filled meat bag propelled by a lost, angry, confused ghost. I missed worked for …

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056 – Captain America


054 – The Question

I recently came to the conclusion that I love a lot of Steve Ditko creations, but I do not particularly care for the work of Steve Ditko. He’s a creative mind who has created a lot of characters that I unabashedly love like The Question, Creeper, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, and of course, Blue Beetle. But …

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