May 2015 archive

120. The Black Hood

Last night while drawing with my friend Jason, I started to draw Conan the Barbarian. It looked okay in pencil, but the second I added ink to it, it got ruined. So I scrapped it. It took the wind out of my sails a little. But Jason, having just brought home a short box of …

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119. Super Skrull



It happened again. Not sure how. I was hanging out with my friend Joe G., Wednesday’s designated babysitter, and we’re sitting my apartment, eating some sandwiches and talking. Suddenly – and again, I’m not sure how it happened – the Supergirl pilot started playing on my TV! I mean, there must be Gremlins in my …

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112. Furiosa

30-some years ago, I saw MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME on VHS. I don’t really remember it, other than Master Blaster and Tina Turner. It’s the only MAD MAX movie I’ve seen. So, when MAD MAX FURY ROAD was announced, I really coulda cared less. I wasn’t gonna see it. And Charlize Theron? Not a fan. …

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