July 2015 archive

181a. Dr. Phosphorus


180a. Owlman


The shape of my brain. And dick.

179a. Scarecrow

This drawing came incredibly easy to me, even though I’d been putting off drawing Scarecrow due to general fear of failure (this does not differentiate from the rest of my life at all). Sadly, as I was zipping along, I realized far too late I was “inking” on the wrong layer, directly over the “pencil” …

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Prossible Wolverine?


Yesterday was an incredibly bad day for me. I mean, near catastrophic bad. However, once things calmed down, I watched the movie PADDINGTON with my mom. Which, actually, may not have been a great choice. With my emotional state in pretty much a shattered state of disrepair, having spent the majority of my day struggling …

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177a. Hush

I hate Hush.

177. Gomez Addams

There are very celebrities or actors whom I’ll mourn or even feel anything when they eventually pass. John Astin is one of those who’ll hit me pretty hard.

176a. KGBeast