July 2015 archive

170a. Composite Superman


169a. Crazy Quilt


168a. Conrad

Today’s bonus is not a Batman villain (although it’d be awesome if it were!). I’m headed out to SPACE today with my pals Joe G. and Juliet. It’s a yearly Small Press and Comic Expo in Columbus, OH. I’ve been frequently, usually setting up a table with my pal Jason Young (who will be there …

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168. Iceman

Always loved Iceman, definitely due to Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. When I started reading X-Men comics I was always disappointed that he wasn’t in many, if at all. Then I discovered the original X-Factor. Bobby’s gone through a lot of dumb bullcrap in his fictional life. Including, apparently being retroactively gay. I’m all for …

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167a. Ra’s al Ghul

167. Ant-Man

Saw Ant-Man last night with my pal Joe G. I enjoyed it quite a lot. It’s a very entertaining comedy/heist film/superhero hybrid. The in-continuity stuff isn’t overwhelming. Edgar Wright’s presence is there in like a pleasant aura. It’s got a lot of heart. Paul Rudd is charming as hell, Michaels Douglas and Peña are absolutely …

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166. Beast

Watched X-Men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut the other night. I enjoyed the movie a lot when I saw it in the theater. I held off on buying the blu-ray since I knew the director’s cut was coming at some point. And, well, it’s not exactly worth it. The movie is still the …

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165a. Mad Hatter