July 2015 archive

165. Strigoi

The Strain started again this week, so I drew a Strigoi.

164a. The Savage Skull

Back to the well of “Villains of Lesser Reknown”. Savage Skull allegedly has only appeared three times in a Batman comic, one of which is actually one of the very first comics I ever owned as wee lad. I only vaguely remember this. I don’t know if I still own this or not. I do …

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164. Darkseid

Drew this during a power outtage.

163a. Deadshot

Always loved Michael Rosenbaum voicing this character on JL/JLU.


162a. Hugo Strange

I’m surprised that Hugo Strange has not been in a Batman movie or been resurrected in the comics.


161a. Catman

Think I figured out a thing about Gail Simone’s take on Catman. If Catwoman is supposed to be the personification (purrsonification?) Of sexy, then Catman has to be the male counterpart. Right?


160a. Solomon Grundy

I honestly never think of Solomon Grundy as a Batman villain, but he’s listed on the Wikipedia. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Batman comic with him in it. Read plenty of other comics with Grundy. I think even when he showed up on Batman: Brave and The Bold and in one of the …

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