July 2015 archive

155. Black Spider

My friend Jason asked me to draw this, a Batman foe of “lesser reknown”


154a. Red Hood

153a. Bane

153. Gambit

As we head into the holiday weekend, I’d like everyone to remember that Gambit’s hair is a ponytail that is pulled through his headsock.

152a. Clayface

152. The Demon

I had never drawn Etrigan before. I kinda loved it. This drawing, I discovered that I could scan in line art and import it into my phone and color it via Art Rage. I think… I think I’m in love with this process. Seriously. The thing may be sloppy, but for once I didn’t feel …

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151a. Harley Quinn

While not a perfect design, the original Harley Quinn costume is far superior to pretty much any other version that has come about.